Sunday, 23 June 2013

Play Date with Cara!

Dear Vedant,

We had a lovely play date with Cara, Miss Vu and Mr Robert at our place last Sunday. It was really nice to have them over, you were a good boy all the time too. We played the Sneaky Squirrel game and read a few books. Cara and you were not really able to speak to each other much given that you don't speak English much. You are more comfortable with Hindi. In a couple of years though you two will be able to hang out with each other. Btw, she is an angel. You were being a bit mean about sharing, she was such a darling. It was fun to see the difference in how you two were spinning the wheel. You gave it a nice whirl, she was so gentle with it. Boys will be boys I guess. :)

I made Dosas, aloo sabji, suji halwa and papa fixed Aunty's sambar. It was nice to have a meal together while the two of you played. Looking forward to many more play dates :) I will make sure you have the nicest play dates at our place. I will be the mom who brings yummy goodies and then disappears :) I will sneak in a look every now and then to make sure you are not up to any mischief :)

Lots of Love,

BTW: Miss Vu is amma's bestie. You be nice to her :)

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