Saturday, 29 June 2013

Summer Picnic 2013

Dear Vedant,

We had a lovely time during Summer picnic 2013 with Dad and my friends and their kids. We all met at Lake Elizabeth in Fremont on a lazy Saturday. We were the first ones to get there early to grab a spot. I had made cream cheese pinwheels. I spent a long time on Friday night, preparing them and making sure we don’t forget anything. We also took pao bhaji with us.

You were the only kid the spoke fluent hindi, which everyone is impressed by. However, you couldn’t interact with any other kid. I saw that you played cricket a little but then got left out of the crowd. You played with the sand toys on your own. You also didn’t want to share them. I had given an elmo fruit to Cathy ,but you snatched it from her, which made her cry. I made you apologize, which you did. However, that was not nice. I hope you stop doing this in the future. I have to work on this. Its my job. You did not want to to share the sand toys, you kept saying "Sand toys share nahin karna", "baby nahin dekhe" etc. I am finding it hard to explain to you about sharing. I think you get it, but you are petrified that someone is going to ask you to share your things. Anyhow, thats for another day.

You really bonded with Rosie and asked for Rosie didi the next day as well. Even when we were in Houston, you asked for Rosie didi. So cute! May be, having been around Arshia so much, you are more comfortable with a “didi”.

It was really nice to spend the day like this, being lazy in the park. At the end of the day, we went to a creek we found there and spent a lot of time, just jumping in the creek. I would have never entered the creek, but I did because of Nisha aunty. I am really glad I did. It was cool, natural and very relaxing.
Hope we enjoy many more such summer picnics my dear.

Being that it was really hot yesterday, we are all so tired today. Just lazing around the house. You are sleeping upstairs, on the mattress, not in the crib. I am hoping after you see Anurag, you will mot to the toddler bed and be happy in it.


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