Saturday, 21 January 2012

Birthday Boy!

Dear Vedant,

You turned ONE! I am happy and also a wee bit sad. Especially coz, you are now no longer a baby. Now you are a toddler. In my heart, you will always be my little baby. I will try not to "Baby" you though and treat you like the mature adult you will one day be.

Your birthday was eventful. We had planned a small party with just Venkat mama & co, and Fufa ji and very small group of friends. However, both me and dad were not well. We had just come back from India the week before, and dad had this really bad cold and cough. So we could not have the party. Both me and dad were feeling bad about how the day was going. Finally, since I was doing better than Dad, I went and got cake and balloons. We had Rohini Aunty come over and we cut the cake for you. I will remember this day as fun now, eventually we had a good time. Before I forget, we had lots of virtual guests. Dada-dadi, Viji peddamma and Bua too. That was the fun part!!

We also had a big party for you in Turmeric restaurant on Feb 11. It was fun. We did not have too many guests, just perfect I thought. We were able to look after you and also look after the guests. Everyone loved the food. Dad and fufa ji went early to do the decor. They did a great job. I had a cake for you which had balloons on it. It was the yummiest cake ever, so popular with everyone. And you loved it too. You ate a small slice happily!

Happy Birthday from me and dad! We love you! Our blessings to you forever.
love, Amma

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