Saturday, 28 January 2012

The Little Things You Do

Dear Vedant,

You have started doing so many little things that are beginning to define your personality. I want to remember these things forever. There will be a time when you will be older ,independent and hopefully not need me so much. These are the first few things you did on your own.

1) My hair clips - one day in Dec 2011 (11 months) you found my black hair clip on the floor. You brought it to me, made me bend and put it on my head. You knew where it belonged! It was so cute. You still do this, only with me and my clips. Its our thing :)

2) Feeding me - I kinda taught you to feed me by doing "aaaaa" and putting your puffs in my mouth. Since then you have been doing it when you feel like it. And once you start, you feed me all the puffs/ cheerios. I have to stop you and feed you instead.

3) Your hair - This one has got to be the cutest. You picked up your comb in Chennai one day and just started combing your hair! Mind you, you also change the comb over to your left hand to get the other side!! It is really cute. You only do this with your comb. I don't know when you noticed that it was your comb.

4) Your blankie - This also started in Chennai. You started recognizing your blanket. You have had this blankie before you were born. I ordered it while we were in the service apartment in Carlyle court. Who knows, if I read this 20 years later, if I will remember while this was. I hope I will. Anyhow, if you saw your blankie, you would stop doing what you were doing and come get it. You would then crawl away with it. If it got left behind, you would return to come and get it again :) I also was able to click a picture of you playing while tugging the blankie under one arm :)

5) Rub-rub - Dab a little cream on each forefinger and go rub-rub! Avva taught you this one.

6) My chappals - If you see them lying near me, you pick up each one and give it to me. Again only with my chappals :)

7) Mix-mix - All we need is a spoon and a bowl and we go mix-mix!

So many little things and I look forward to all that you are going to do. I love you kanna and I want to enjoy all the little moments that I have with you. I feel thankful to God for you.

lots of love,

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