Monday, 31 October 2011

My little bhalu - First Halloween

Dear Vedant,

I wanted to make a note today so that I remember this change in you. You are now 9.5 months old and since last week you have been doing something that I have craved for so long. For as long as I wanted to be a mama, I wanted my baby to rest his/ her head against my chest, wrapped tight in my arms and contently sleeping. This is what has been our story these past few days and that just fills up my heart and makes me feel so complete. Like, I have served my purpose in life, that of being a Mom.

Here is a pic of daddy giving you all his love the same way. Enjoy this sweetie, we love you very much.

big hug my little tiger, or bhalu as you were for halloween! A pic from then too!

love, amma

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