Friday, 22 November 2013

Cookie, Cookie and more Cookie

Dear Vedant,

We tell you from time to time, that "agar aap xyz karoge to amma will be happy.".You took this to a whole new level when you said this today - "Agar aap mujhe do cookie doge to mein bahut happy ho jaonga.". I had to ask you to repeat it to make sure it is what you said :) It was so cute.

It is amazing how kids pick up not only words but entire languages, expressions from us parents. Makes me think about all the stuff I say, how I need to be more careful.

I will also always remember your expression and body language as you said it. You were leaning against a sofa, kinda looking down. After you said it, you looked up at me to see my reaction - essentially - are the Cookies coming or not :)

Lots of love chotu motu.

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