Friday, 22 November 2013

Chennai Trip, Nov 2013

Dear Vedant,

We had a lovely long trip at Chennai too this year. It did not start all that well with both you and I being sick when we left Gwalior. Also, traveling from Delhi to Chennai on a late night flight that got delayed, when we were both sick was hard. Lesson for next time - no late night flights.

But we had sooooo much fun in Chennai. It was one of my longest stays in Chennai since, well a long time :) Also, since I was going after Avva's accident, I wasn't sure how much we will be able to do. We did not do much, did not even go to the beach once, which is a shame, but we spent a lot of time at home. Your routine was to go down with Avva/ Tata at least once a day to look at the Banana Tree. You loved going up on the "Chat" with Tata to hang the clothes and then watch the Cranes on the buildings near by. You would call them "Cranky" :) Also, since Avva and I were doing a ton of Knitting for Baby Shreya (thanks to Papa for bringing lovely wool from Gwalior) you wanted to knit too. One day you criss-crossed your index fringers and told me you are knitting :).

You also ate very healthy south indian grub. (Papa - note please :D). Lots of daal-chaval, rasam and sabji. Even some dahi chaval! :) It was kind of hard to keep you entertained after the full on masti of Gwalior where there were more people too (Baba, Dadi, Bua, Papa, Ani Didi) and just me, avva and tata here. It got a lot better on the last two days when Priya, Divya and gee had come over from Sydney.

I bought the Matching Game puzzle for you and you really liked that. It had vegetables/ Fruits and their plants/trees on the other piece, you liked pairing them. The best part of the trip was you getting pampered by everyone, especially Sahana pinnamma's husband, Satish. He would lift you up on one foot and take you really high. I don't know how he did that, seemed so hard to me. Chinnaina tried the same thing and he took you only a little high and you said "Bahut high to dusre Uncle karte hen." Hahaha

For me the best part of the whole trip was a little get together we had in a hotel with everyone. Luckily, Venkatesh bhaiya was in town so he was able to make it. As were Jyoti bua, fufaji and her kiddo. She brought a Tee Shirt for you and you wore it immediately. You were so happy in your new clothes :)

Stay happy. Hope to do more such trips back home. I miss Chennai. This time I got to meet Vidhya aunty, a really good friend of mine. Was really happy about that.

Lots of love,

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