Sunday, 10 November 2013

Celebrating Diwali at Gwalior - 2013 Trip

Dear Vedant,

We are now in Madras, Chennai as it is known these days. We are spending time with Avva and Tatha. You are being pampered by them. You are also eating a lot of pappu annam and rasam :) Dad may not be too pleased!! :) Anyhow, I wanted to write about our recent time in Gwalior, where you were pampered even more silly!

Your day was usually the following: wake up, brush, one cookie, drop Dadi, go to a store with Baba, masti on choti chhat with Ani Didi/ Papa, bathe, lunch, story books with me, pick up Dadi sometimes, good afternoon ninnu, more masti in the evening, a cookie here and there :), dinner and bed time. You loved watching the cows from the house.

You also did Puja with both Dadi and Baba. You loved turning on the music in the Puja room the most. You also liked going to "Tulsi Mata" and lighting a diya there. Today, you recognized Tulsi pot on our chhat here. You said "Tulsi Mata he".
Another activity was "parking" the suitcases in your "garage". You loved wheeling the suitcases everywhere. This did get in the way of packing at times! More fun came from playing cricket and hitting "Chaukas" in the house. "Hot Potatoes" with Ani Didi was also fun. You also did a little bit of rangoli and then lots of flying paper planes.

When we were flying to Madras, I asked you what you liked the best about Gwalior home. You said "Choti chhat and Badi chhat". How cute :)

I am really glad we made this trip happen. It was great to see you enjoy Diwali in traditional Gwalior style. I hope you get many more chances to do this. We read the Diwali book over and over, so now you know that we pray to Ganesha and Lakshmiji for Diwali.

Sleep tight.
Lots of love,

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