Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Chatting with you from India

Dear Vedant,

I missed you terribly when I was in India. I had to leave to take care of Avva. You and I chatted using Facetime on the iPad pretty much every day. You would not let me hang up at all. I saw you in tears once when I was about to hang up, heart breaking L I think for the first time, I felt physical pain like this. Once you hugged the screen, kissed it too. I would show you Banana and Mango and entertain you. You realized that Thatha was there and so was Avva later. You saw the fan and sort of knew where I was. When Geethu peddamma came, you surprised everyone by saying “Geethu Peddamma Amma ke right me he”. Seeing you on the iPad kept me going. And in a few hours, I will get to hold you again. I plan on holding on for a long time.

Lots of Love,

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