Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Holiday Break at Tahoe

Dear Vedant,

We had a lovely holiday in Tahoe in December 2012. We spent 3 nights in a lovely cottage in a place near Nevada city. It was a great place, tucked away from computers and work. We went there with Jubilee Aunty, Srini uncle and Kofi. You played so much with Kofi, it was real cute. You would chase Kofi for a while and then he would be chasing you :) You guys had trouble not touching each other's toy balls.

We enjoyed hanging out so much that we want to go back there in the summer. I also showed you a tractor, horse, some goats at a farm near the cottage. It was the first time you saw a farm like place in real.

Here are a few pics to remember our family fun..

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