Saturday, 1 December 2012

My Voracious Rattu Reader

Dear Vedant,

Your memory amazes me every day. Just yesterday you saw a book after 2 months. You got it at Viji peddamma's place and hadn't seen it for two months. You saw it and said "Anga diya, Viji pa diya". I am amazed by how much you remember & how you recall things. You now know your favourite books and songs by heart. First among them are "Elmo loves you", "My Truck is Stuck", "Hungry caterpillar".... I am really glad and so is Papa that you love reading.. but oh my! We would love to do without "truck is stuck book" for a week! We know it line by line, word for word :)

Here is a pic that I took when I caught you reading. You were mouthing various words you know and seemed so engrossed. Was really nice to see.
Love, Amma

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