Monday, 4 August 2014

Great couple of days... barring your reaction

Dear Vedant,

We have had a great couple of days. I spent so much time with you. There was no yelling (I hate that and feel so bad for having shouted at you.) You have also been a good boy. Being that it was the weekend and Dad was hope obviously helped. We have all been together. Tata is also with us at this time.

Yesterday, I made you a chef hat, fashioned from some paper and scotch tape. You lvoed it! Now you are my sous chef and I am the "master" chef :) You have been helping in the kitchen since.

This morning however, was not good. You had an allergic reaction to something. Dad suspects that it is an old massage oil. I am really not sure. I almost hope its the oil because that would mean that it is not a food allergy. I will test it on you a week or so later. Also, you have been such a trooper. Brave little boy. You got a bit scared when I asked you to lie down in the hospital, other than that, you were such a hero. I am very proud of you. We gave you benadryl, made you feel better. Papa stayed home, more for me I think :) It really helped. Kept me worry free knowing that he was around. You guys played busy aiport game to no end.

Lots of love,

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