Sunday, 11 May 2014

Love you loads my dear

Dear Vedant,

Today is Mother's Day. A day that perhaps Hallmark/ Archies invented and like every other festival in this country (and the rest of the world is getting there) is a big marketing event. It is when most sales happen, most retail business is done after Christmas. I was amazed when I first found this info - from my days at ShopSocially, a start up I worked at. No pressure on you to get me something :) You are free! A call, a hug, a kiss will make me happy.

Anyhow, the economics of this aside, it was nice to spend the day with you. We had a day full of family reunions and then some down time at home. Karthik Mama was over (visiting from Atlanta) and it was so nice to hang out with him. We went to Venkat Mama's house and as usual had yummy food made by Saras Aunty. The conversations were brilliant, about old times. You played with Vikram bhaiya, he shared his old thomas trains with you. I wonder if there will be day when you share your then old train set with a kiddo :) I know the time will fly by, and I will wonder when you grew up.

Hoping to spend a lot of time holding you, nurturing you, teaching you, cuddling you.
My dearest boy in the whole wide world, my precious one. Amma loves you a lot.

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