Thursday, 22 May 2014

Finally, I am satisfied.

Dear Vedant,

I have taken a three month sabbatical from LinkedIn to spend more time with you, take better care of the house and all of us and slow down in general. A month has passed by already. We couldn't do a lot of the fun things I had wanted to since you have been sick at least two out of the last four weeks. I was also down with Sinus related issues, still have them but so much better than last week.

But even so, I actually feel satisfied. I mean, for the first time ever, I feel I have gottena ton of time with you. The constant feeling of not getting enough Vedu time is gone. We are all eating better, I am giving you a bath every day (wasn't happening before! sorry! it was crazy!), the house is cleaner, eating more meals at home etc. I am happy. I will make it even better soon, we have been house hunting. Once that ends, one way or the other, I would like your preschool to be closer to home and then I can pick you up in 4 hours or so. Would like you to nap at home,eating lunch in school has its advantages (but for the microwave).

But happy in general. You don't understand what is happening in a way. You ask me when I pick you up if I went to LinkedIn and when I say no, you are like, why? :) You will get it someday.

Lots of love,

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