Friday, 15 March 2013

Peddanaina Trip & First Train Ride

Dear Vedant,

Peddanaina (Bava/ Dwarak) visited us March 2013. It was just a weekend but somehow you knew who he was. You were able to understand that he came from Geethu Peddamma’s house and that Priya and Divya are also there. He brought some cookies for you that you devoured. Later when we went to drop him off at the airport, you really liked watching the Train go round and round. You also sat in the Train for the first time. Since we were at the first coach and there was no apparent engine, you said “Train back ja rahi he”. You were not scared at all. After he left, you asked about him for a couple of days. Good times.

I really hope we are able to spend time with Geethu peddamma and family.

Lots of Love,

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