Sunday, 3 March 2013

Mumma Happy?

Dear Vedant,

We had a great conversation today. Here is how it happened:

Vedu (standing near the kitchen, looking guilty): Amma happy?
Amma (in the kitchen): Yes, kanna. What did you do?
Vedu: Gadbad
Amma: What gadbad did you do? Can you show me?
Vedu (going to the DVD player): Udhar, ye wala gadbad. Mumma close?
Amma (controlling her laughter): ok, don't do it again.

This was so cute! Papa and I were laughing away. Anyway, this is really worrying me now. You keep doing some gadbad or the other and then ask if Papa is happy, mumma happy, aunty happy etc. We used to tell you that when you do gadbad, we are not happy. Now, it has become a routine. I am hoping to find a solution in the book we recently bought "How to talk so your kids will listen, how to listen so your kids will talk.", very much recommended by Ayush uncle.

Sleep tight, enjoy your nap, Love,

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