Saturday, 14 April 2012

My Little Voracious Reader

Dear Vedant,
I feel like this is a little victory for me. Something I did right as a Mom. I always wanted to make sure that you are a great reader right from the beginning. I was getting a little concerned if that was going to happen and now when it has, it is wonderful!! Both papa and I are so very proud of you. From the time you wake up you keep bringing one book or the other and ask us to read it. You sit yourself plonk in our laps and then point at each page as we read the book. Some special things you do:
1) "Bring me a book, let us read" - I said this to you this morning, and off you went to get a book. I didn't even point to the play room. I don't know but you seem to be catching on to words. Mbr/> 2) "Top" in the Toys book - You like the top toy a lot. You flip to the page that has it and ask us to say it loud. It brings a smile to your face each time. I don't know what it is about the Top that you like so much.
You had stopped being into books while in India. The strategy I used was reading a book during meal times and slowly it has become one of your biggest things.
Love you a lot my dear, thanks for filling my life with so much joy, contentment.
lots of love, Amma

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