Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Park Fun, Mar 28, 2012

Dear Vedant, I have always wanted to take you to the park and have fun there. Today was the first time we really had a ball. I have taken you a couple of times and you did have some fun. Mostly it was the change. Once we went to the park with Aarti Aunty and Varun Uncle. That was cute too. However, today wsa super fun! You really liked the slide. Climbed over the slide stairs for the first time. You also liked the swing the little. You played wiht some other kid's soccer ball. The kid's mom was nice to you. You also wanted another kid's sand kid. I will buy them for you too. love you sweetie. There is a park opening close to our home and I will take every day, as much as I can. Lots of love, Amma

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