Tuesday, 20 March 2012

First Shoes

Dear Vedant,

I want to remember how your first shoes went. I bought brown sandals for you and when I brought them home, Papa was like - "I always wanted imagined red shoes with white laces for my kid". Nanny Aunty was like " I thought they will be soft, made of fabric". It was so cute, both of them had a clear idea of what they wanted for you. I had gone to 3 different stores and bought this one for you.

Anyhow, when I tried putting them on you, that was hard! You cried!! You were so unhappy with the shoes. You did not want to wear them at all. And papa was like - he doesn;t like shoes. Leave him alone!! :) Oh my.. you really did not want to wear them.

Next weekend I returned the brown sandals and bought 3 other shoes for you. THe cute one was not comfy but of the two from stride rite, finally one has worked. Aunty puts them on you when she takes you for a walk. I ask her to let you walk near the fountains and the ducks. How I wish we could do that together each day.

I will upload a pic of your first shoes soon.
Lots of love,

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