Monday, 4 July 2011

Rollover and more!

Dear Vedant,

Many many things to write about since last time, but first things first, you rolled over today! It was so cute. You were on the gym in the living room and I was in the kitchen. Daddy was hanging around. I just came to check on you and there you were on your tummy! Totally comfy... We took pictures. Then we put you on your back and took a video of you rolling over :) I was very happy.

You are still refusing to eat cereal, as soon as I bring it near you, you go foooooo.... blow it everywhere. Time to try the apple or banana version.

Saturday we went to a barbecue party in Lick Mill park, it was great. Shaheen aunty had done a lot of work for it. There was yummy food everywhere. Especially loved the salad she made- mayo, yoghurt, kidney beans and spring onions.

Bus bache, otherwise nothing much to report. Spoke to balwinder aunty today. She was happy to know you rolled over. She was also very happy that we called her. Hopefully she will come back, I would love that. She was really good, took care of all of us.

Chalo bache, soon I will come up to hug you,

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