Friday, 14 March 2014

Getting late...

Dear Vedant,

We have been rushing out the door for the past few days, almost weeks now. It is hard to get you dressed, ready and fed in time.And I am usually getting late for a meeting. It doesn't help that your pre-school is a good 25 minutes in traffic. Also, doesn't help that we are not getting up sooner. I had tried (real hard) all through December to make sure that you get to school for circle, now I have given up. It was causing me too much stress. And I was passing that stress on to you.

Anyhow. Today, as usual, we were trying to get out the door, without forgetting your lunch/jacket etc. You wore your shoes ahead of me and then started going downstairs while I was tying my laces. You said, "I will go and open Garage because we are getting late". The whole sentence, exactly like that. It made me feel glad that you are helping, but more importantly it made me feel sad. Sad because, I did not have to rush through things in my life until much later, and it is becoming a part of your life very very early in life. :(

My sabbatical is coming soon. I won't rush you, not for unnecessary things. I promise.


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