Monday, 15 July 2013

Watching TV

Dear Vedant,

We recently lifted the embargo on your TV watching. You are now allowed to watch - "Caterpillar" and "Thomas" for approximately 20 minutes every evening. I have always been worried about you getting addicted to TV like most kids.Somewhere, I just wanted to keep this complication out of our lives. I am also wary of ever combining food and TV. So, I will not be found saying "Finish food and then TV", these are two unrelated items. Even so, you have taken to TV like a fish to water. Your favourite is the "Firey Flynn, a fire engine in Thomas.". You want to see that all the time. I find that you are not interested in trying out new episodes, which worries me sometimes. And then, I tell myself, and I can actually hear your papa saying it in my head "He is not looking for the tallest tree". :)

Here is a pic of you, all into the TV. Btw, you want to cuddle and nestle as you watch TV. Reminds me of me :)

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