Friday, 30 November 2012

Sorry means not again

Dear Vedant,

Disciplining you as been a roller coaster ride thus far. You (very embarrassingly so) hit Arshia a few times, not just once. Poor thing, sweet Arshia never hit you back. She would always let it go as Vedant has to learn, woh chota he. Nothing I tried would work. Finally, a five day weekend in Houston over Thanksgiving helped us. For one thing, I was with you for so long and there wasn't any Aunty. So I could totally discipline you as I thought best.

Timeouts after timeouts, the first stand off lasted almost 1 hour but slowly your resistance gave in. The next timeout was 45 minutes and then "Sorry" came out. You cried so much, it was heartbreaking but I had to stay strong. Viji peddamma and Sid Nana helped me stay strong. Anurag would feel bad for you and be all sad. But this really turned things around for us.

I can say the hitting has pretty much stopped, except for when you do it out of excitement. We are still working on it. Now you say "Sorry, not again" but give us a smile. Timeouts, however, are getting less effective. We need to find another method soon. I hope one day you will read this and feel that we had to do the timeouts to make sure you turn out great.


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