Saturday, 8 September 2012

Monterey Trip, Labor Day 2012

Dear Vedant,

We had a great holiday over Labor day in 2012. We went to Monterey and stayed at a small hotel. We had a one bedroom service apartment and were quite comfortable. Full disclosure - Amma won an award at work and we got most of the stay covered by LinkedIn :)

We hung out at the beach, played with the new sand toys, the dump truck, shovel and all the moulds you have. We spent a day at Monterey Bay Aquarium which was a lot of fun too. Not to forget the lovely breakfast we had at some place that had great Yelp! rating, something Dad will tell you about one day. I must add that we walked half a mile to get to breakfast but it was well worth it :)  Also, one of the picture is so you saying "Itna pani tha" to our question "Vedu kitna pani he".

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